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After passing step one, I’ve decided to write a series of posts that will encompass everything involved in studying for step one of the United States Medical Licensing Exam for fellow Ross University students. During my fourth semester on the island I felt lost in a sea of resources, conflicting study ideologies, and differing mindsets on how to approach studying for the comprehensive shelf exam…let alone the step. Thus, my study timeline that I will describe will begin with passing your fourth semester, studying for the comp, and extend until your step test day. My discussion on how to study for step one will include my guiding philosophy on how to approach studying for the exam, different study strategies, resources, and a few tangential but entertaining topics. My hope is to illuminate shades of confusion that plagued my studies while on the island and give current Ross students a little hindsight to make more informed decisions about their study strategy with even greater confidence.

As always, if you have a specific question or concern that you’d like me to address please post a comment below or hit me up directly on twitter via @MarcKittyKatz. Enjoy!

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  1. Shaun Jacobson says:

    Do you recommend using DIT or Kaplan?

    • Marc N. Katz says:

      Hey Shaun! I can’t speak for Kaplan because I didn’t use them but I can definitely vouch for DIT. I loved them. My next post is going to compare all of the resources I used to study for the step- like DIT and Becker. Sorry that I can’t comment on Kaplan but I’ll try and find one of my friends who did so they can.

      Dyou have any specific questions you’d want answered?

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