Residency Lifestyle Essentials

During residency time is money and I have neither. These products and services helped me save a little bit of both.  Also I found a new favorite pair of shoes.


Subscription Services

Amazon Prime: Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

If nothing else, free two day shipping is worth it. Spending the money up front for Prime might even save you money when you consider shipping costs. Or you can try it out for free for one month. Just don’t forget to cancel it if you know you aren’t going to renew it.


Or if you’re thinking of ideas for a loved one who is about to start residency consider it as a gift: Shop Amazon – Give the Gift of Amazon Prime


Fresh Direct

Groceries delivered to your door. What more can I say? The prices aren’t bad and they deliver the next day at set times that you get to choose from. Sure, I don’t get to peruse the aisles and get things that I don’t need but I also don’t need to put on pants. So it’s a win-win for everybody. Click the link above for $50 off your first two orders. You’ll also hook me up with some free groceries for myself. So sign up with my code so I can eat lunch this week. My parents will appreciate it.













For #girlmedtwitter, #gaymedtwitter, and anyone who wants to look like a surgeon. These go great with scrubs while you’re the hospital and can even be routinely thrown in the washing machine once they get dirty. I’ve never advertised for shoes before but these are now the only pair I wear. Did I mention they’re literally the comfiest shoes I’ve ever worn? You won’t be disappointed.









I’m always looking for new products or services to make my life more convenient. What are your residency or lifestyle essentials?



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