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Study Tools During Clinical Years

Your two years of classroom basic sciences are drastically different than your clinical years. Studying in your first two years is somewhat easier because your primary responsibilities are all geared towards taking tests, culminating in the USMLE or COMLEX. Third year sucks because you are still studying for step 2 but fourth year hits that sweet spot between ‘done studying for tests’ mentality and ‘almost got a job’ swagger. These were my favorite resources that I used outside of my step studying.



Maxwell Quick Medical Reference

Super small and lightweight. This is great for beginners on the wards. It comes with a pocket eye chart which is probably the only place you will find eye charts in hospitals. Also comes with good on the go guides for shorthand notes and labs.



Pocket Medicine

The purple book is an intern’s favorite friend and mighty helpful too for med students. I don’t know when the new version is coming out but I didn’t feel like waiting for it. If nothing else, it’s a quick reference guide to everything you will see in the hospital. Differential diagnoses, work-up, treatments, etc. Pocket guides are also available for surgery, OB/GYN, peds, and such. I am going into internal medicine so I chose not to get any other pocket guides but google away if you want them.



Journal Club App 

Just buy it. It is the best $5.99 I spent in med school. This app provides concise and easy to journals that changed patient standard of care. You can also check them out for free online at Wiki Journal Club. Cardiology Trials is also a good site specifically aimed at cardio stuff.




It’s like Google for doctors! Okay, I’m starting to be redundant but its a great site that I’m sure you use already.



Moleskin Classic Notebook



Did I miss anything? What apps or resources have you used s/p step 2?

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